Facebook Chat Emoticon Trick

When you are chatting with any of your Facebook friends and want to use the profile photo of any Facebook user, page or event as an emoticon, follow these steps:

1. Copy the vanity URL of the user whose Facebook profile photo you want to use as an emoticon. For example: if you want to use the profile image of Thiyaku’s Blog, simply copy “thiyaku.blog” (without quotes).

2. Some fan pages or event pages have a unique ID associated with their URL. Copy the page ID if the vanity URL is not available.

3. Enclose the vanity string or the number within double brackets e.g [[thiyaku.blog]].

4. Hit send. The double bracketed text will convert into an emoticon of the user whose vanity URL was enclosed within double brackets. Sweet!

As long as your Facebook profile is publicly viewable and people know the vanity URL of your Facebook profile, page or event, anyone can use the profile photo as an emoticon. Locked pages or groups, which requires an invitation to join, shows a blank white thumbnail but such is not the case with real Facebook users.

These profile emoticons are viewable from web only and does not work in mobile apps e.g the messenger app on Android or the official Facebook application for Android. You can send the emoticons from mobile and the web but the thumbnails will only appear when you are viewing the chat log from the web.

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Facebook Smiley Codes

We all use facebook but still a lot of us are unaware of how to use smileys in chat.Some of us just think how the other person have sent a smiley.Well it is very simple to send smileys in facebook chat.You have to just enter a code and it will automatically convert into a smiley.I am providing here a  list of smiley codes that can be used on facebook. I Got these pictures by using the search term ” facebook smiley ” in google image search. If u need more then try giving a search, but some codes actually didnt work and I didnt post those codes and the codes listed here are working codes. My thanks goes to VARUN KUMAR, one of my friends because I checked for the working of these codes with him in FB chat.