S01E12 – Faith

When Dean is accidentally electrocuted fighting a monster, he permanently damages his heart. When he’s diagnosed as only having a month, at most, to live, Sam searches for a means to save him and finds Roy Le Grange, a faith healer who may actually be the real deal. After Le Grange heals Dean, the brothers discover that Le Grange is using black magic to bind a “Reaper” to do his bidding…and each healing comes with a terrible price.

Dean and Sam pull up to a house and, armed with tasers, go in after a monster. Going down to the basement, they find two children in a closet and lead them out. They head up the stairs when the creature grabs Sam through the stairs and Dean fires at the creature. Dean sends Sam out with the children while he goes after the monster, managing to taser it. But it’s standing in water along with Dean and the conducted electricity injures him as well.

Sam is at the hospital trying to handle insurance and covering with the police. The doctor reveals Dean suffered a major heart attack and is clearly concerned they can’t continue on. Sam calls their dad’s answering machine and asks for help. Dean checks himself out and they reunite, but Sam’s had no luck finding a way to help him. They do track down a friend of their dad’s, Joshua, in Nebraska and head there. The place is a faith healer belonging to Roy Le Grange, and Dean is skeptical. A woman, Layla, talks with them briefly and then they get an up-front seat.

Dean catches Le Grange’s attention during his sermon and is called up front. Dean reluctantly goes up and everyone prays as Le Grange lays hands upon Dean. After a minute Dean collapses but when he wakes up he see the image of an old man standing behind Le Grange.

At the hospital the doctor confirms that Dean is healed, but notes that another young man had a heart attack that day and died. Dean is skeptical and feels it wasn’t “right,” and goes to talk to Le Grange and his wife Sue Ann. Le Grange woke up one day blind and with cancer, prayed, and went into a coma. When he awoke he was cured and could heal people. Le Grange says he picked Dean because he saw he had a purpose and a future. Sam checks out the dead man, Marshall, and notices a clock that stopped at the exact time Dean was healed…and Marshall died.

Dean runs into Layla and her mother coming to visit Le Grange and it becomes clear Layla needs healing from a brain tumor and she has six months to live. Layla is resolved but her mother is upset and angry at Dean for being chosen. Sam checks and determines that every time Le Grange has healed someone, another person has died of the exact same symptoms. As they speak, Le Grange is healing another person…and a jogger in the woods is attacked by the same old man and dies of the same symptoms when it touches her – which Dean recognizes from the description as a Reaper.

Dean determines the Reaper can only be seen when they come from someone, and Sam remembers the cross at the revival show – a clock he recognizes from the Death card of the Tarot. Dean resolves to kill Le Grange but Sam proposes they break the spell. Sam looks for the spell book while Dean tries to stall him before his next healing. Sam finds newspaper clippings mentioning those who have died, which Le Grange apparently believed were “immoral.” They believe his next victim will be a protestor in the parking lot that they’ve met. Meanwhile Le Grange calls up…Layla. Dean tries to stop her without success, while in the parking lot Sam hears the protestor cry out and tries to get him away from the Reaper that he can’t see. Sam calls out a fire before Le Grange can finish the healing, but the protestor collapses.

Sam is puzzled, but Dean sees Sue Ann using a Coptic cross and interrupts her. The Reaper withdraws as the police take Dean away. Sue Ann denies everything but doesn’t press charges. Dean tries to explain to Layla but can’t, while Le Grange and Sue Ann promise Layla will get a private session that night. It becomes clear Le Grange doesn’t know what his wife is up to, and Sam finds a book from Le Grange’s library identifying how to bind the Reaper with a dark altar and keep it away from her husband then take out immoral people. They need to destroy the altar and the Coptic cross, while Dean wonders if they should wait until Layla is healed. Sam points out they can’t play god and Sam tries to find Sue Ann while Dean draws the police off. Sam breaks into the Le Grange basement and fines the black shrine, complete with a marked picture of Dean. Sue Ann confronts him and then locks him in the cellar, warnign that Dean as one of the wicked is to be killed. Le Grange begins his healing of Layla, while near Dean the lights go out and the Reaper appears before him.

Sue Ann prays over her Coptic cross while the Reaper grabs Dean. Both Layla and Dean collapse but Sam manages to break out and destroy the cross. The healing fails as the Reaper, freed, goes after Sue Ann and inflicts Layla’s illness on her. Sam and Dean go back to their hotel where Dean wonders if they did the right thing. Layla visits and tells Dean of how she wasn’t healed, and that you have to have faith even with the miracles don’t happen. Dean promises he’ll pray for her.


S01E11 – Scarecrow

Burkitsville, Indiana – One Year Ago

A newlywed couple is leaving after the locals have helped them out when they get lost. The guy has a tattoo that the daughter notices as they make their farewells and leave. Down the road the car and the cell phone both die and they notice a nearby house. They go to check it out and on the way see an ominous-looking scarecrow suspended from a pole. The scarecrow seems to move as they head off into the woods – as they proceed they hear noises behind them and run for their car. The guy disappears and she turns and stumbles over the corpse of her boyfriend. Then a shadowy figure closes in on her.

The Present

In their hotel, the cell phone rings and Sam takes the call – it’s their dad. He assures Sam they’re okay but that they have to trust him – he can’t reveal where he is. He reveals he’s after the thing that killed their mom – a demon. He tells them to stop looking for him and write down a list of names, warning it’s not safe. Dean takes the names, which are of three couples who disappeared over a three year-period on the same day in April. They head to the town where they disappeared, Burkitsville, but Sam decides they’re going to California where their dad is. Dean accuses him of being selfish and takes off without him when Sam insists he go.

Dean pulls into Burkitsville and thinks about calling Sam, but decides against it. He meets with a local man, Scotty, but the man claims not to recognize them. Dean comes across a young hitchhiker, who gets picked up by a guy in a van who refuses to take Sam. Dean isn’t having any luck with the Jorgesons, the couple that the newlyweds met earlier. Their niece Emily recognizes the newlywed husband, Vince, from the tattoo, and her parents then remember them. Dean leaves town but his electro-detector goes off as he passes by an orchard. He investigates and spots the scarecrow, holding a sickle. He climbs up and finds the scarecrow has a tattoo on its arm just like Vince’s.

Dean pulls back into town and talks to the daughter, Emily. She reveals that the Jorgesons are her aunt and uncle who took her in when her parents died, and that the town is seemingly “blessed.” He also notices a car belonging to another stranded couple. Sam is unable to get a bus out and meets back up with the female hitchhiker, Meg, and they bond. Dean goes into the café and chats up the couple, despite Scotty’s efforts to keep him away from them. Dean offers to help them fix their brake line, which won’t be fixed until sunset, but they decline. He gives them an ominous warning but they ignore him and Dean contemplates how Sam could have convinced them. Scotty calls the sheriff, who escorts Dean out of town.

Sam and Meg chat over a meal about her background and her issues with her family, and Sam’s similar problem with Dean. Come nightfall, Dean returns into town while the newest couple wanders through the orchard and are stalked by the scarecrow. They run for it and Dean gets in front o them and sends them to their car. He opens up on the scarecrow with a shotgun to no effect but they all get safely back to the car as the scarecrow disappears.

Dean checks in with Sam and they conclude that the scarecrow is a manifestation of a pagan god and takes the couple (fattened up by the locals) as a fertility sacrifice. The two of them kind of apologize and Dean admits Sam has to do his own thing and he admires him for standing up to their dad. Dean meets with a local professor who provides information on a Norse god, the Vanir, which the locals of Scandinavian descent imported with them. According to the books its energy springs from a sacred tree. Dean thanks him for his help and goes out…where the sheriff knocks him out.

The townsfolk are discussing what to do with Dean and how the Vanir is angry with them and the sacrifice must be made. It becomes clear that the Jorgesons are going to use Emily for the female sacrifice, and they toss her down into the cellar with Dean.

The bus arrives but Sam decides to go to Burkitsville when he can’t get hold of Dean. Meg tries to get him to come with her but he refuses and heads off. Emily has been ignorant of what’s been going on there and Dean figures they have to destroy the old tree the Vanir is tied to. She knows what tree he means but doesn’t know where the “First Tree” is. Then the locals show up to take them to the orchard and tie them up to trees near the scarecrow/Vanir. Come sunset, Sam arrives and frees them but the scarecrow has disappeared.

The three of them run off through the orchard, planning to come back in the morning, but the locals intercept them. Emily begs her aunt and uncle to let them go but they’re interrupted when the scarecrow kills them both. The townspeople run off and the brothers and Emily get clear. The next morning they find the First Tree, inscribed with runes, and the brothers prepare to torch it. Emily insists on setting it on fire herself and it goes up in flames.

Emily takes off on a bus and Sam says he’ll be staying on and they’re going to finish it…together. Later at night, Meg is driving off with some guy in a van and asks him to pull to the side. She pulls out a silver goblet, cuts his throat with a knife, and catches the blood in the cup. She then recites an incantation and questions why she was ordered to let them go. She receives a silent explanation and responds, “Yes – yes, father.”

S01E10 – Asylum

When Sam and Dean investigate a mysterious asylum that has a history with abuse, an evil force inside causes Sam to lose his sanity and turn on his brother.

Roosevelt Asylum,Rockford, Illinois

Someone uses bolt-cutters to cut his way past the chains barring an old asylum, while two policemen pull up to the place, the Roosevelt Asylum. The place has a legend that if you stay there for the night you’re driven insane. The two cops split up and the rookie, Kelly, goes into a bio-hazard storage chamber while the older one finds the three kids who snuck in. The rookie’s flashlight goes out and a door swing opens. Kelly appears outside and says he didn’t’ see anything, but when they get in the car Kelly starts bleeding from the nos. Later at home Kelly comes to bed with his wife who apologies for a past incident, and he takes his gun and shoots her then kills himself.

Sam is trying to track down their father through various old friends and wonder why he’s out of contact, or why he might be dead. Dean gets a message from an unidentified caller, with coordinates to Rockford. Dean looks up an article on Kelly’s murder/suicide and notices the asylum was in their dad’s journal. Sam has his doubts but Dean insists on going.

Dean tracks down the other cop, Gunderson, and talks to him pretending to be a reporter. Sam busts in throwing off Dean as a set-up to get in good with Gunderson. Gunderson tells him that Kelly wasn’t the type to shoot his wife, and gave him more info on the asylum and how Kelly was in the south wing, where teenagers died there in 1972 after a fire when one of them went nuts. As they check out the place, Sam wants to discuss what their father is up to but Dean isn’t hearing anything about it.

Sam makes an appointment with Dr. James Ellicott, a psychiatrist and the son of the doctor who ran the place, Dr. Sanford Ellicott. Sam prods him for info but has to talk about himself and his brother. James reveals that the hard-core patients were in the south wing and they rioted, and some bodies were never recovered…including Sanford Ellicott’s. They plan to go tonight, while a boy, Gavin, and his date break in. They get briefly separated and the boy’s light goes out, and then he sees his girlfriend in the shadows and she starts to kiss him. He hears her voice in the distance and realizes the woman kissing him is horribly disfigured.

Sam and Dean come in and pick up multiple spirit readings, unaware they’re lurking unseen behind them. Sam uses a camera to try and locate the spirits and finds one deformed female one, which Dean blasts apart with a shotgun. Sam wonders why it didn’t attack him, but then they spot an overturned bed and find the girl, Kat. She tells them how she got there and that she heard Gavin scream. She insists on going with them to find Gavin and she and Dean head off one way while Sam goes the other. Sam finds an unconscious Gavin and wakes him up – he says he was running from a disfigured girl who tried to whisper something but he couldn’t make it out.

Dean’s flashlight goes out when Kat says her arm is hurt and they see a disembodied hand on it. She flees into a room that locks behind her, and while Dean tries to bust in a disfigured figure approaches behind her, but disappears when she spins around. The figure appears again and Sam tries to tell her to face it as he believes the spirits are trying to communicate. She faces her spirit, a man, and he leans forward to whisper something in her ear. A minute later the door opens and Kat steps out, unharmed. She reveals the spirit said “137” and Dean heads off to check that room while Sam gets the kids out.

Dean finds the room, an office, and starts going through the files while Sam finds the door but it’s locked. He thinks that there’s something else, someone other then the patients, who doesn’t want them to get out. Dean finds a secret panel with a briefcase that contains a patients’ journal belonging to Dr. Sanford Ellicott. Ellicott was conducting radical torture-experiments on his patients. Dean calls Sam to call him down to the basement and he goes after leaving Kat with the shotgun to repel the spirits. Sam goes down to the basement and the bio-hazard storage room and doesn’t find Dean, but his flashlight goes out. A door opens to a chamber holding research equipment and Sam pokes around until the spirit of Sanford grabs him by the head as blue spiritual energy flows from his hands.

Dean catches up to the kids and he reveals he didn’t try to call Sam and the call was faked. Dean takes off after him and finds him in the basement. Sam says he’s fine and Dean reveals the contents of the journal and how the patients rioted against Sanford’s rage treatment. They need to torch the bones to free the spirits and there’s a hidden chamber in the basement, but Sam is skeptical. Dean finds the room and a hidden door, but Sam points his shotgun at his brother and tells Dean to step back. As Sam starts to bleed at the nose, he shoots Dean in the chest with the rock salt, blasting him back through the door.

Sam is clearly worked up over his issues that he has with Dean and how he obeys his father without question. Dean gives Sam his gun, loaded with real bullets, and taunts him into shooting. Sam does it…but the gun is unloaded and Dean knocks him down then punches him unconscious. Dean goes back into the hidden chamber and spots a cabinet with hair sticking out. Opening it, he finds Sanford’s corpse and prepares to torch it. But Dean’s flashlight flickers, a trolley slams into him, and Sanford’s spirit grabs him by the head. Dean manages to grab a lighter and set Sanford’s corpse on fire, and he petrifies before shattering into pieces.

Come morning, they get the kids out and Sam apologies for his actions, claiming he didn’t mean what he said. Dean accepts his apology and they head out. Later, Dean’s cell phone rings and Sam takes the call, and says, “Dad?”

S01E09 – Home

When Sam has nightmares of their old home, the brothers return to Lawrence, Kansas to investigate. They discover that a new family has moved into the Winchester’s home, and the woman is the one that Sam has been dreaming about. The family has been hearing and seeing frightening things, and the brothers think it might be haunted by the thing that killed their mother. They enlist the help of their father’s psychic to rid the house of the angry poltergeist.

Lawrence, Kansas

A woman is unpacking and going through old wedding photos when her daughter interrupts and says there’s something in her closet. The mother goes to check it out and finds nothing, then puts her daughter to bed while talking about how they’ll be happy in their new home. The daughter asks her mother to brace the closet door shut with a chair before she leaves. The mother goes downstairs to unpack and thinks she hears rats in the basement. Going downstairs, she finds the lights are out while upstairs, the chair moves itself away from the door as the daughter looks on in horror. The mother finds an old chest with photos of the Winchester family, while upstairs the closet door opens and a glowing flame emerges and the daughter screams.

In a hotel room Sam wakes up from a dream of a woman in the window of their old house, and he draws a sketch of the tree he saw there, and connects it to the one at their old house and thinks the family there is in danger. Sam reveals that sometimes his nightmares come true. Dean reveals he swore never to go back home but eventually agrees they need to go back there.

The brothers arrive at the house and they introduce themselves to the mother, Jenny, as…themselves for once. She recognizes their name from the pictures and lets them in, introducing them to her daughter Sarry and her son Richie. Jenny mentions there are rats in the basement and Sarry talks about the creature in her closet, and it was on fire. After they leave, Sam is determined to get her out of the house but Dean advises a more measured approach, and they check out the history of the house. They review their memories of the night their mother died but know very little now, then in the past. Dean steps away to go to the bathroom but calls their father and tells him on the voice mail that they’re at the old house and they need his help.

Jenny calls in a plumber for the backed up sink and when he’s working on it, a wind-up monkey starts up on its own. He tests the garbage disposal after making sure it’s powered off, but it starts up as the monkey claps on.

Dean meets with a garage owner, Guenther, who knew their dad and talks about how stubborn he was and hated to lose. Their dad claimed it was just a short circuit that caused the fire, then got obsessed with the supernatural and visited a palm reader. They check the phone book and find one psychic, Missouri Mosely, who is on the first page of their dad’s journal. They visit her and she recognizes them, and clearly has authentic psychic abilities. Missouri reveals that after the fire she introduced him to the supernatural and went to the house, but couldn’t pick up anything. Missouri reveals she’s been keeping an eye on the place and it’s been quiet, but wonders why now it’s active again. Sam wonders if something’s starting up.

At the house, Jenny is on the phone with the plumber’s lawyer when she hears noises upstairs and goes to investigate. At the house, Richie’s crib mysteriously opens up as does the sealed refrigerator where his juice is kept. Richie wanders over and crawls in for his juice when the door slams shut and locks him in. The mother returns and finds her son missing, and spots milk leaking out of the refrigerator. She opens it and finds him still alive but scared.

Sam and Dean show back up a few minutes later with Missouri and she talks her way in by getting Jenny to trust them. She senses a dark energy in Sam’s nursery but concludes it’s something different then what took their mother. Missouri looks in the closet as she senses two spirits, drawn to the “infection” left by the psychic wounds of the original monster. Now the house has a poltergeist that is determined to kill Jenny, although Missouri can’t identify the second spirit. She has some mystic powders that they can put in the walls and destroy the poltergeist. Missouri persuades Jenny and her kids to leave the house since she anticipates the spirits will get angry once they know what is happening.

As they prepare to place the powders, a lamp cord strangles Sam, knives hurl themselves at Dean, and a bureau rams into Missouri in the basement. Dean manages to rescue Sam by knocking a hole in the wall and placing the powder to drive the creature out of the house. They join up with Missouri and Sam wonders if they’ve succeeded. Jenny returns and finds the house in disarray, and the brothers clean up before leaving. Jenny goes to bed but wakes up later as her bed shakes wildly. Sam insists they stay outside in the car to watch, and he sees a panicking Jenny at the window just as he did in his dream.

The flame spirit appears in Sarry’s closet while Dean bursts in to get Jenny out and Sam grabs Richie. He comes into Sarry’s room and gets around the flame spirit to grab the daughter. He heads downstairs and tells Sarry to get her brother out before he’s grabbed by the poltergeist and pulled back inside, and the door slams shut with Dean outside.

Dean grabs a shotgun and an axe from the trunk and starts to break in while the poltergeist throws Sam around then holds him immobile while the flame spirit moves in. Sam realizes the flame spirit is…their mother, who appears in her natural form. She smiles and briefly acknowledges her sons, then apologizes as she commands the spirit to get out of the house before disappearing in a burst of flame.

Jenny gives Dean their photos while Missouri assures Sam all the spirits are gone. She explains their mother destroyed herself to eliminate the poltergeist. Sam acknowledges that he sensed something, but Missouri can’t explain what he’s going through. After they leave, Missouri goes back to her house…where John Winchester is waiting for her. John refuses to talk to his sons but says he can’t see them until he “knows the truth.”

S01E08 – Bugs

Dean and Sam arrive in a town checking up a report of a mysterious death, and stop at a realtor’s open house barbecue. Sam meets the realtor’s son Matt, who is fascinated with bugs. Soon the town is invaded by swarms of deadly bugs, and there may be no way out.

Oasis Plaines, Oklahoma

At a construction site for new suburban upscale homes, one of the workers notices ground tremors and when he feels the ground, he falls through a sinkhole. The worker, Dustin, breaks his ankle and when his friend Travis goes for a rope, Dustin sees thousands of bugs which begin to cover him. When Travis comes back, Dustin is dead.

The brothers are at a bar and Dean is raising money by hustling pool when Sam spots a newspaper article about a worker dying of mad cow disease. Sam realizes the guy, Dustin, died far too quickly and thinks something is up. They pretend to be Dustin’s nephews and talk to Travis, who tells them what he saw and points them to where it happened. Sam goes down into the hole and finds some beetles, but no tunnels or tracks. Dean spots a realtor’s BBQ and they go in and meet with the realtor, Larry Pike, while claiming to be looking for a house for their father.

While seeing the house they notice Larry’s son, Matt, is big on bugs and Sam meets with him over a pet spider he’s using for a practical joke, while Dean learns a surveyor died a year earlier from an allergic reaction to bee stings. Dean thinks the son might be involved and then they break into an empty house to stay the night. Larry’s sales manager, Lynda, is at home taking a shower when spiders swarm out of the shower head and she panics and falls through the shower glass, then dies covered in bugs.

The next morning Sam picks up the call on the radio scanner, and they go to the house. Larry is there to identify the body. They sneak into the house and find the spiders, and connect it to Larry’s son. They catch up to him getting off the school bus and follow him into the woods where he’s observing a praying mantis. They confront him and Matt reveals something is going on with the bugs but his dad won’t listen to him. He takes them deeper into the woods where the insects are congregating, and find a worm-covered mound with a skull inside.

They find more skeletons in what is clearly an unmarked grave, and go to the local college for an appointment while discussing their issues about how their father wasn’t happy with Sam and his life choices. Dean reveals their father used to check up on Sam without his knowledge. They meet with an anthropology professor and have him look at the bones – he reveals there weren’t any records of graveyards but local Indians were often relocated. The professor directs them to a nearby tribe and a Joe Whitetree, who immediately spots they’re not students. He reveals that the cavalry raided their village and on the sixth day the chief laid a curse that no white man would come on their land and nature would rise up against them. Further, that on the night of sixth day, none would survive.

They figure when the deaths first occurred, at the spring equinox, and that that night is the sixth night. They head back to get Larry and his family out While at his house, Matt notices a hole in the backyard and cockroaches start to pour out.

Dean tries to fool Larry into believing there’s a gas leak but he isn’t fooled, so they call Matt. Dean tells him to lie and fake some pains so his parents will take him to the hospital. The brothers get there and the family is still there- Matt told him the truth and he thinks they’re nuts. Before they can convince him, they hear the sound of a huge swarm of bugs and then see them heading for the house. They get into the house for refuge and start to seal the place up. They have no choice but to wait it out, as the curse is supposed to end at sunrise.

Dean grabs a can of bug spray as the bugs start to come in through the fireplace flue – it bursts open as the bugs swarm in and Dean improvises a flamethrower out of the spray can. They take refuge in the attic but the termites start chewing through the wood then bees pour through the resulting hole. They manage to seal it up with a board and brace it, but the termites create another hole and then break through the first one. All looks hopeless but just in time the sunrises and the bugs swarm out through the hole, going back to wherever they came from.

Later the brothers meet with Larry who announces the development project has been put on hold, and who will make sure no one lives there again. But Larry and Matt have bonded, much to Sam’s satisfaction. Matt is dumping his bug collection into the trash. Sam resolves to find their father so he can apologize.

S01E07 – Hook Man

Sam and Dean help a girl whose date became a victim of the “Hook Man,” a famous urban legend that turns out to be real, in a small college town somewhere in Iowa. In order to save her and her father, the local minister, the brothers have to find the ghost’s bones so they can destroy them. One tiny problem… they’re in an unmarked grave.

Theta Sorority – Eastern Iowa University

A girl, Lori, is preparing for a date and her roommate helps her pick out a halter-top. Later Lori and her date Rich park beneath a bridge on their way to a party as a figure with a hook on his right hand lurks in the shadows. As they kiss, her cell phone rings – it’s Lori’s father. She ignores it but as he tries to put some moves on her, a horrible scratching noise is heard as the figure drags his hook along nearby signs. The boy goes out to investigate and sees scratches appear alongside the side of his car with no one making them. Rich disappears and Lori locks the car doors and closes the windows. Something crashes on the roof and she decides to make a break for it. She turns around and sees a dead, bloody Rich hanging suspended above the car, dangling from the bridge.

Sam is trying to find their dad through records when Dean comes up with a news article on Rich’s death, caused by an “invisible man.” They head off to the college and pretend to be fraternity brothers to get in at a fraternity. They get information on Rich, who was a fraternity member, and they find out Lori was the witness and a reverend’s daughter. They go to the church and approach Lori and Sam reassures Lori. She also tells him what she was, which leads them to conclude the killer may be part of the “Hook Man” legend. They do some research and find that in 1862 an insane reverend, Jacob Carnes, had a silver hook-hand and killed 13 prostitutes at the same location where Rich was killed.

Lori’s father Reverend Sorenson drives her home and it’s clear he doesn’t agree with her living in a sorority, and has concerns about her roommate Taylor. At the murder site, the brothers arm up with a shotgun armed with rock salt to handle a spirit. They draw a gun on a figure… who turns out to be a local policeman who arrests them. In her room, Lori goes to bed without turning on the lamps, unaware that a figure is lurking behind the door. The next morning she wakes up and finds Taylor dead cut to death and covered in blood. On the wall is a message saying “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the lights?” written in blood.

Dean and Sam get out of jail when Dean explains it was a pledge, and spot the police heading for the sorority. They follow and see the Reverend take his daughter home, then sneak into the sorority to check out the crime scene. Sam spots a symbol on the wall, the same symbol that was on the 1862 hook-hand. Dean figures the killings are directly related to Lori. Back at the fraternity, there’s a party going on, and Sam reveals that there has been a pattern of local religious men arrested for killings they claimed were committed by an invisible man, and the spirit may be drawn to Reverend Sorenson. Sam goes to watch Lori, while Dean goes to look for Carnes’ unmarked grave.

Dean finds a grave with the same symbol and starts digging, while Lori sees Sam and goes out to talk with him. Dean incinerates the corpse while Lori confesses her frustration, and she and Sam kiss. Reverend Sorenson calls them in, but he’s grabbed by the hook-man figure who yanks him into the house. Sam runs up to investigate and shoots the figure, forcing it to disappear.

The sheriff talks to Sam who can’t give the full story, and Dean arrives. Sam thinks the spirit has latched on to Lori, who believed her father had an affair. Dean claims he disposed of the body, but didn’t get the hook. They figure that if they get the hook, they can stop the Hook Man. They do some more research and track the hook to the church where Sorenson preaches, and conclude it may have been melted down into something else. They go to the basement and use the furnace to melt down anything that is made out of silver, but then hear footsteps upstairs. They investigate and find Lori praying for forgiveness, as she’s determined she’s the one responsible. The figure appears in the church and the candles blow out, plunging the chapel into darkness.

Sam and Lori head for the door, but the Hook Man appears outside and they flee back into the church. He’s right behind them and keeps teleporting ahead of them, wounding Sam. The figure closes in and sends Sam flying, then advances on Lori. Dean opens fire and the figure disappears, and Sam notices Lori is wearing a silver cross. Sam rips it off of her, as the invisible Hook Man drags scratches down the wall toward them.

Dean takes the cross and heads for the furnace while Sam opens fire on where he thinks the figure is. When he stops to reload, the Hook Man disarms him, but the cross melts in the furnace and the Hook Man’s hook melts and then he disintegrates into ashes.

Sam and Dean give a fake story to the sheriff, who tells them to get out of town. Lori thanks Sam and they head out of town, although Sam is clearly tempted to stick around for Lori.

S01E06 – Skin

Sam’s friend, Zach, is accused of murder. Sam offers to help out by checking up on his sister, Rebecca. Rebecca claims her brother could not have committed the murder because he was with her at the time of the murder. But all the physical evidence points to Zach being at the scene of the crime. Could Zach have been at two places at the same time?

St. Louis, MO

A man is preparing to torture a bound woman with a knife as police assault officers burst in. The man slips by them as they move in and find the woman, still alive. She directs them to the departing torturer and they give pursuit. They catch him with the knife as he escapes, and it’s…Dean.

One Week Earlier

Sam and Dean pull into town and Sam is checking e-mails from his friends at Stanford. He gets word from Rebecca, who says his brother Zach is under arrest for killing a girl but both she and Sam believe Zach is innocent. Sam insists they go to St. Louis to help and Dean reluctantly agrees. They go to Rebecca, who is at her parent’s house – they’re in Paris. Rebecca reveals Zach came home and found Emily tied to the chair, beaten up and bloody. He called the police but they arrested him – they have a video from a security tape showing Zach coming into his home at 10:30, but he was with Rebecca until midnight. Sam claims Dean is a cop and his brother plays along with it.

They go to Zach’s house and Rebecca reveals someone had broken in and stole clothes a week earlier. The family dog is now extremely vicious and Rebecca confirms it turned violent around the time of the murder. Rebecca already got the tape and as they go to review it, elsewhere “Zach” is watching a businessman and his wife and doing a sketch of the man – “Zach’s” eyes briefly turn white.

The tape confirms what the police claim, that Zach is the murderer. After getting Rebecca out of the room for a moment, Sam point out that “Zach’s” eyes flashed white and that some kind of doppelganger is responsible. The businessman, Alex, returns home but his wife Lindsay doesn’t respond. Alex spots a bloody handprint and finds her tied up and bloody and begging him not to hurt her any more. He runs out of the room but his counterpart hits him with a baseball bat, knocking him out.

At 5:30 a.m. Dean and Sam go back to Zach’s house and look for a trail, since the killer never went out the front door and the police didn’t bother to check the back. They find a blood print then spot an ambulance going by. They check it out and hear about how Alex, a nice guy, killed his wife. Sam looks around for evidence while Dean decides it’s “their kind of problem” – Alex’s story is the same as Zach’s. Sam picks up a trail but it suddenly ends just like at Zach’s house – Dean thinks the monster went down.

In the sewers they find a mess of discarded flesh, skin, and goo, and Dean wonders if the creature sheds its skin. They head back to the car to get silver bullets, and Rebecca calls to tell them she knows Dean isn’t a Detective. Dean advises Sam to get used to not having any friends. They head back into the sewer and close in on the creature, finding another pile of discarded skin. The creature (as “Alex”) attacks them from behind, wounding Dean’s shoulder, and Sam chases off after it as it makes for the surface. They split up but no luck – the two join up but as they head back for the car, Dean’s eyes glow white.

Sam has a few doubts about Dean but “Dean” is able to answer his implied questions about their father and their past history. But then Sam draws a gun on him anyway, noting the wounded arm is no longer wounded and Dean took the keys with the wrong hand. “Dean” tries to bluff his way through but when it doesn’t work, he knocks Sam out. Sam wakes up and “Dean” slaps him around for a bit, then reveals that he was able to probe Dean’s memories, and that Dean resents Sam for going off to college. “Dean” goes on about Dean’s issues, then heads off to hit on Rebecca.

Dean wakes up in the creature’s lair while “Dean” talks his way into Rebecca’s house and explains the shapeshifter situation. “Dean” talks about how the creature was a hideous genetic freak, scorned by society, until it found a way to take on the shapes of others. Dean manages to scrape through his ropes and free Sam, while Rebecca gets angry when “Dean” starts to hit on her. When she tries to call the police he takes her captive but before he can go to work, we’re back at the beginning of the episode

Then “Dean” takes out one policeman with the knife and kicks around the others long enough to escape, but not before he takes a wound. In the sewers, the shapeshifter discards Dean’s form in a long painful process.

Sam and Dean catch a newscast broadcasting Dean’s appearance and go into hiding – they’re out of weapons so they need to get to Rebecca’s to get the car. They make it but the police close in and Sam gets arrested while Dean makes a break for it. Against Sam’s advice, Dean goes into the sewers alone and finds…Rebecca.

Meanwhile Sam is out of jail and goes back to meet with Rebecca…who is the shapeshifter. The shifter takes on Dean’s appearance again after tying up Sam, and plans to kill him so that Dean will have to be on the run for the rest of his life. “Dean” expresses his admiration for Sam and prepares to start cutting with the knife. Sam kicks him away long enough to slice the ropes and free himself, and the two of them fight. “Dean” finally gets the upper hand and is strangling Sam when the real Dean arrives and puts two silver bullets into the shifter’s chest.

Sam reveals what he does to Rebecca, who is more then willing to believe after seeing the shapeshifter at work. Rebecca asks Sam to call some time and he promises he will…but not for a while. Zach is cleared – the police believe a “Dean Winchester” is responsible and the tape was tampered with. The brothers head out and Dean apologies but recognizes that they’re both freaks, and they’re in it together.

Warning : May Contain Spoilers.