Our Aquarium @ My home @ Selaiyur with – Don Arafath, Ivan, Raja & Alien Sathish……….

Mohamed Arafath

Aquarium: On last sunday[March 03, 2013], we had bought a fish tank with 3 kind of variety fishes to my friend’s home which was our long-term aim. See the aquarium setup in an above photo.  

Why fresh-water Aquarium in home[Advantages of keeping fresh-water aquarium in home]?

     #It reduce the stress, high blood pressure.
     #It is a good theraphy for insomnia and hypnosis.
     #It keeps the small Kids to be hyper-active [Make them feel calm and peace].
     #Patients who had live aquarium at the dinner table will eat 21% to 27% more food.
     #Tap into your Inner Artist and in-expensive Start Up Costs.

We had 3 varieties of fisheswith 4 numbers of Albino barbs[Tiger fish], 2 numbers of Gold-barbs[Gold fish] and 2 numbers of Paroon sharks[Sharks].

Albino barbs: They are a light yellow with four barely visible stripes. The albino barb or Sumatra barb…

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