♥♥♥….Cute Love….♥♥♥

The boy & the girl were online chatting..

Boy: So.. Have you ever been in love ?

Girl: Of course, I mean love is so hard, you know..

Boy: How is it hard ?

Girl: Well, when you love someone, sometimes they just don’t love you back..

Boy: Is that what your feeling right now ?

Girl: Haha no..

Boy: Ohh.. Well, I gotta go bye.. [he lied]

Girl: Okay bye..
[The boy signed off, but he really didn’t sign off, he
was offline, but the girl thought he really did signoff]

Girl: [She sighed & one tear went down on her face..but then she typed].. I love you..

Boy: [Then the boy typed] I love you, too..♥♥♥
thats true love….♥♥♥

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