Samsung Galaxy S III lands in India for Rs. 43,180 (16GB)

The Samsung Galaxy S III has officially landed in India, and will hit retail shelves by tomorrow, the 1st of June. Now that we know the availability, what remains is the pricing – Samsung has given the Galaxy S III (16GB version) a staggering MRP of Rs. 43,180.

Discussing the price, Android aficionados are now currently eagerly justifying it, comparing it to the India launch of the much lower-specced Apple iPhone 4S in India. Ironically, the same folk scoffed at Apple’s then outrageous pricing (starting from Rs. 44,500 for 16GB).

Samsung will not be releasing the 32GB and 64GB variants of the Galaxy S III in India, but users looking for large storage capacities shouldn’t be too disappointed, as the S III supports microSDXC cards up to 64GB.

There’s no difference between the Galaxy S III unveiled at the global launch event at London in the first week of May, and the Galaxy S III that has been launched in India – there are no India-specific features. That of course, doesn’t stop the S III from being the iPhone-killer super-phone many of us have been waiting for , compared to the HTC One X . The One X recently received a price cut, and now bears an MRP of Rs. 36,100 – making it quite an attractive quad-core Android alternative.

Of course, Samsung is taking the title of iPhone-killer very seriously, and has given the S III a lot of smart features that take the iPhone 4S head-on. This includes the Apple Siri-competitor, S Voice, which recognizes natural language commands and can do dictation as well.

Other smart features include gesture recognition, S-Beam, Buddy Photo Share, Best Photo Mode, Face Zoom, Face Slideshow, Group Tag, Social Tag, SmartStay, S Health, exclusive navigation features, and, a brand new Music Hub that features over 17 million songs along with a Scan and Match feature.

Source : Thinkdigit.

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