Mission Rescue Kitten : Accomplished



My pet Julie gave birth to two Kittens a month before. Julie will keep her kittens safely under the wardrobe in our bedroom. But this time while she gave birth we were out of station(Family Vacation), and after returning home I realized she gave birth but couldn’t find the kittens anywhere. She didn’t show the kittens to us until  two days before. After a long time she brought the kittens from somewhere and kept them on the sun shade. The kittens were playing there, fighting among them, sleeping, jumping and performed some interesting stunts on the sun shade. I didn’t disturb them and Julie took care of them. Today morning she brought the kittens into my home…..I was happy and started watching them playing in our living room. The two kittens came out started climbing up and down the stairs jumping from one step to another, they were practicing to climb and jump.

I came back without disturbing them and after sometime Julie came and started searching for something as she as missed. I was surprised by her strange behavior and went out to see what happened. There one of the two kittens were missing. the kitten which looked like her mother was missing. I started searching everywhere, but all went in vein. I couldn’t find the kitten. Meanwhile Julie too was searching for her baby. I went too the roof and there I heard the kitten’s voice somewhere and after some search I found the kitten trapped in the Rain water Drainage pipe. I called my father up there and after some 15 minutes of various attempts We rescued the kitten and gave it to Julie……..

Now the family is re-united and as usual the kittens started playing among them. When I saw the kitten trapped in the pipe I was very much afraid, Its a sign of relief after rescuing it out of the pipe……

Left(Black Hair) looks like his Father Right(Brown Hair) like Her Mother

Left(Black Hair) looks like his Father Right(Brown Hair) like Her Mother


Got Trapped and Looks Frightened.....


Re-United Family... 🙂

The kittens are still frightened of us….they are not like Julie. It will take some time for them to start playing with me 🙂 🙂 :)…… this is the second time Julie is giving birth. First time it gave birth to one Kitten but that died. This time two kittens and they look healthy hope nothing goes wrong this time.

Once upon a time there were more than 6 cats in our home..now its only one – Julie. How these many cats came to my home….its a separate story. I will give that story in another post.

NOTE : Please suggest me some nice names for the kittens (one male one Female).

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