S01E10 – Asylum

When Sam and Dean investigate a mysterious asylum that has a history with abuse, an evil force inside causes Sam to lose his sanity and turn on his brother.

Roosevelt Asylum,Rockford, Illinois

Someone uses bolt-cutters to cut his way past the chains barring an old asylum, while two policemen pull up to the place, the Roosevelt Asylum. The place has a legend that if you stay there for the night you’re driven insane. The two cops split up and the rookie, Kelly, goes into a bio-hazard storage chamber while the older one finds the three kids who snuck in. The rookie’s flashlight goes out and a door swing opens. Kelly appears outside and says he didn’t’ see anything, but when they get in the car Kelly starts bleeding from the nos. Later at home Kelly comes to bed with his wife who apologies for a past incident, and he takes his gun and shoots her then kills himself.

Sam is trying to track down their father through various old friends and wonder why he’s out of contact, or why he might be dead. Dean gets a message from an unidentified caller, with coordinates to Rockford. Dean looks up an article on Kelly’s murder/suicide and notices the asylum was in their dad’s journal. Sam has his doubts but Dean insists on going.

Dean tracks down the other cop, Gunderson, and talks to him pretending to be a reporter. Sam busts in throwing off Dean as a set-up to get in good with Gunderson. Gunderson tells him that Kelly wasn’t the type to shoot his wife, and gave him more info on the asylum and how Kelly was in the south wing, where teenagers died there in 1972 after a fire when one of them went nuts. As they check out the place, Sam wants to discuss what their father is up to but Dean isn’t hearing anything about it.

Sam makes an appointment with Dr. James Ellicott, a psychiatrist and the son of the doctor who ran the place, Dr. Sanford Ellicott. Sam prods him for info but has to talk about himself and his brother. James reveals that the hard-core patients were in the south wing and they rioted, and some bodies were never recovered…including Sanford Ellicott’s. They plan to go tonight, while a boy, Gavin, and his date break in. They get briefly separated and the boy’s light goes out, and then he sees his girlfriend in the shadows and she starts to kiss him. He hears her voice in the distance and realizes the woman kissing him is horribly disfigured.

Sam and Dean come in and pick up multiple spirit readings, unaware they’re lurking unseen behind them. Sam uses a camera to try and locate the spirits and finds one deformed female one, which Dean blasts apart with a shotgun. Sam wonders why it didn’t attack him, but then they spot an overturned bed and find the girl, Kat. She tells them how she got there and that she heard Gavin scream. She insists on going with them to find Gavin and she and Dean head off one way while Sam goes the other. Sam finds an unconscious Gavin and wakes him up – he says he was running from a disfigured girl who tried to whisper something but he couldn’t make it out.

Dean’s flashlight goes out when Kat says her arm is hurt and they see a disembodied hand on it. She flees into a room that locks behind her, and while Dean tries to bust in a disfigured figure approaches behind her, but disappears when she spins around. The figure appears again and Sam tries to tell her to face it as he believes the spirits are trying to communicate. She faces her spirit, a man, and he leans forward to whisper something in her ear. A minute later the door opens and Kat steps out, unharmed. She reveals the spirit said “137” and Dean heads off to check that room while Sam gets the kids out.

Dean finds the room, an office, and starts going through the files while Sam finds the door but it’s locked. He thinks that there’s something else, someone other then the patients, who doesn’t want them to get out. Dean finds a secret panel with a briefcase that contains a patients’ journal belonging to Dr. Sanford Ellicott. Ellicott was conducting radical torture-experiments on his patients. Dean calls Sam to call him down to the basement and he goes after leaving Kat with the shotgun to repel the spirits. Sam goes down to the basement and the bio-hazard storage room and doesn’t find Dean, but his flashlight goes out. A door opens to a chamber holding research equipment and Sam pokes around until the spirit of Sanford grabs him by the head as blue spiritual energy flows from his hands.

Dean catches up to the kids and he reveals he didn’t try to call Sam and the call was faked. Dean takes off after him and finds him in the basement. Sam says he’s fine and Dean reveals the contents of the journal and how the patients rioted against Sanford’s rage treatment. They need to torch the bones to free the spirits and there’s a hidden chamber in the basement, but Sam is skeptical. Dean finds the room and a hidden door, but Sam points his shotgun at his brother and tells Dean to step back. As Sam starts to bleed at the nose, he shoots Dean in the chest with the rock salt, blasting him back through the door.

Sam is clearly worked up over his issues that he has with Dean and how he obeys his father without question. Dean gives Sam his gun, loaded with real bullets, and taunts him into shooting. Sam does it…but the gun is unloaded and Dean knocks him down then punches him unconscious. Dean goes back into the hidden chamber and spots a cabinet with hair sticking out. Opening it, he finds Sanford’s corpse and prepares to torch it. But Dean’s flashlight flickers, a trolley slams into him, and Sanford’s spirit grabs him by the head. Dean manages to grab a lighter and set Sanford’s corpse on fire, and he petrifies before shattering into pieces.

Come morning, they get the kids out and Sam apologies for his actions, claiming he didn’t mean what he said. Dean accepts his apology and they head out. Later, Dean’s cell phone rings and Sam takes the call, and says, “Dad?”

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