Facebook Timeline reveals who has unfriended you

Amid escalating competition from Google+ and other rivals, Facebook has announced a number of new features and is apparently revamping the social networking site. As you must have already noticed, Facebook users now have more control on the news feeds and account settings. The new subscribe button has already been rolled out. One of the most talked about upcoming Facebook features is Timeline, a new interface introduced by founder Mark Zuckerberg last week at San Fransico on the sidelines of β€œf8” conference.

Timeline allows users to see their entire history, including their changing friend lists. Till now, Facebook had no such feature which notified the user about who de-friended them.

The new Timeline feature is set to replace the concept of the current Profile page. The new page will display the most important content, including photos and texts they have shared on the social networking site over the years. Facebook is, however, not rushing in with the new feature, making it clear that it will roll out Timelines gradually.

It may be recalled that the Facebook’s redesign has received a cold response from critics. Many users have complained of the site becoming more complex and annoying. According to an Infrographic poll, nearly 86 percent respondents said they disliked the new design.

Check out this video….

To know more about Facebook Timeline click HERE.

Thanks Kul Bhushan.

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