S01E04 – Phantom Traveler

A nervous airplane passenger at an airport goes into the restroom, unaware a shadowy form is oozing out of a nearby air vent. He finally notices it as it enters his eyes. On the plane, the passenger boards and is much more relaxed…and has solid black eyes. A stewardess notices but dismisses it. Later on the flight, the passenger gets up and goes to the boarding hatch and as a teenager looks on, opens it and is sucked outside as the airplane goes into a nosedive

Dean wakes up Sam and they discuss their dreams. They’re interrupted by Dean getting a call from Jerry, someone he and his dad helped out who has a new problem, and asks for a personal meeting. Jerry is an airplane inspector who plays back the cockpit recorder of the crashed plane. Only seven people survived the crash, including the pilot, and they haven’t been able to account for the crash cause. Dean forges them some Homeland Security ID and they go over the recording – they find voices on the tape saying, “No survivors.”

They talk to the one of the survivors, a local named Max Jaffee, who was the one who saw the man open the hatch. After some prodding he reveals he saw the passenger with the black eyes, but he checked and there was no way he could have opened the hatch with 2 tons of pressure against it. They go to the house of the passenger, George Phelps, and talk to the widow, but she doesn’t tell them anything suspicious. After buying some suits, they go into the warehouse with the wreckage. Dean uses an EMF meter to track signals and finds the emergency door handle covered in some black powder. Unfortunately the real homeland security team inspectors show up and the brothers are forced to make a run for it and just get out in time.

The brothers’ contact figure the powder is a sulphuric residue and concludes demonic possession is involved. The surviving pilot of the first crash, Chuck Lambert, is possessed by the same black force and takes his plane into a sky dive.

Sam figures that in many legends demons are responsible for disasters, but Dean is reluctant to investigate as it’s outside their usual gig. They hear about the crash from their contact and go to investigate, and find traces of sulphur again. They also determine both flights went down 40 minutes into the flight, and there have been six other flights over the last decade. The brothers figure the demon is killing the remaining survivors and they track down the flight attendant, Amanda Walker. They can’t get a hold of her and she’s planning on taking a new flight up. After a long drive they get to the airport with 30 minutes to spare and call Amanda. Dean claims to be a doctor calling for her sister, Karen Walker, but she catches on and thinks Dean is calling on behalf of her ex-boyfriend. She buys it but still goes on the flight while the demon hovers in the background. Sam figures they have no choice but to go on the flight and exercise the demon, but Dean has a fear of flying. He reluctantly goes along and the plane takes off with them on-board.

They figure the demon’s victim will be someone with an emotional weakness or addiction, and that the demon will flinch at the name of God. Dean talks to Amanda about her nervousness and his, but she doesn’t react when he sends “Cristo” (Latin for “God”). Sam is concerned that the panicky Dean is leaving himself open to possession and he manages to calm down. Sam comes up with a two-part ritual that will first force the demon out of the body and then second send it away. Dean uses an EMF meter to check the passengers. The meter goes wild as the co-pilot walks by and when Dean says “Cristo” the co-pilot’s eyes turns black before he locks himself in the cockpit.

With 12 minutes remaining into the first 40 minutes, the brothers go to Amanda and they manage to convince her something is going on and that she needs to bring the co-pilot back with some excuse. She agrees and manages to bring him back, where they knock him down, gag him, douse him with holy water that causes him to burn, then ask her to keep people out while they begin the ritual. The demon boasts he knows what happened to Sam’s girlfriend but they continue with the ritual and the black force spews out of him and into the vents. The plane plunges down and Sam manages to grab the book to perform the second part of the ritual. The plane is hit by a bolt of lightning and then it stabilizes as the demon is ejected once and for all.

The co-pilot has no memory of what happened and the FBI interrogates everyone – Amanda whispers a thank-you to the boys but Sam is concerned about the demon’s knowledge of his dead girlfriend Jessica. Jerry thanks them and reveals that their dad’s voice mail said to give Dean a call. They check the number which was previously disconnected, but now has Dean’s number and a recommendation to call him for help.

Warning : Possible Spoilers.

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