iPhone 5 launch date

Best Buy indicates iPhone 5 launch date

This seems like the first solid indication about the launch of the upcoming Apple iPhone. A leaked document from Best Buy shows that the next iPhone could be available by the first week of October and a possible announcement regarding it could be made this week. According to a report by BGR, a leaked document from a Best Buy source has revealed that Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores are expecting to start taking preorders this week.

The leaked document states that the iPhone 5 would be launched on U.S. network carrier Sprint at the time of its release. So far, Sprint has never carried an iPhone. Rumours speculating about the launch of the next iPhone have been circulating since WWDC 2011 and as every week passes, these rumours are increasing. A report by Bloomberg states that a German telecom operator Deutsche Telekom has already started taking pre-orders for the next iPhone. This is done in anticipation of constraints in supplies of the upcoming model.

The latest rumour indicates that the next iPhone would have a 3.7-inch screen making it larger than any previous model available. The speculation about the hardware has been another cause for talks with rumours indicating that it would be as slim as the iPod Touch. Another rumour floating around is that it would be a dual-mode device where it has the ability to support both CDMA and GSM carriers. As of now we have to just wait and see when Apple makes an official announcement regarding the next iPhone.

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