Teachers Day – Honouring Teachers

Teachers Day is celebrated as a tribute to the valuable contribution made by teachers to the society by imparting knowledge and enlightening and shaping the career of students. Celebration of Teachers Day is fairly popular in many countries across the world and is even acknowledged by UNESCO.In India, Teachers Day is celebrated on the 5th of September which is the Birthday of Dr.Radhakrishnan….

For students, Teachers Day is an occasion to pay reverence and gratitude to teachers for their selfless effort in shaping their career and enriching the education system in the process.

Most of the schools and institutions make elaborate preparations for the celebrations. The ceremony usually kicks off with a warm Teachers Day speech paying respect and thanking teachers for their contribution. This is often followed by a range of colourful cultural programs, feast and other activities which make the event special and memorable.

A few traditional ways of celebrating the event include presenting colourful flowers, beautiful Teachers Day cards or gifts to the teacher as tokens of love and admiration. But students often try innovative ways and ideas to celebrate Teachers Day.

All of us have been students at some stage of our life(Just now my student life got over) and have benefited from our teachers. Celebration of Teachers Day 2011 is a wonderful opportunity especially for all of us to show our gratitude and appreciation to our teachers.

2 thoughts on “Teachers Day – Honouring Teachers

  1. Swarna Rekha says:

    Ya…. If our teachers did not take the pain of teaching us, u would not be able to write such blogs and I would not be able to read and comment on it……

    Real tribute to the ladders those were responsible for our growth…..

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