~~~ $ Graduation Day $ ~~~

DAY : 03.09.2011

PLACE : Kalasalingam University

At-last the day has arrived. We all after a long struggle for Four Years got our Graduation in Bachelor of Technology – B.Tech. I was very happy to see all my friends after a long time in the place we spent the best part of our life’s together none other than our college.

College memories are really unforgettable ones…and the struggle of preparing for the sessionals and semesters stands at the top….Late nite studies, Watching Movies during Study hour, Bunking Classes, Enquiries, Hotel day Celebrations and many more……which made our college days the best part of our Life.

I felt proud for making my parents Happy….I thank my Mom and Dad for their continuous Support, without them this wouldn’t be possible…..Love you Mom and Dad….From my school days to College they were of great support to me and in return I made them happy by getting a Job and now With my Graduation…

Thanks to my friends for making the day a great one…and I wish we all stay together for ever as always…..Way to Go…..

With Love & Affection,

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