S01E01 – Pilot

Lawrence, Kansas – 22 years ago

A mother and father are tucking in their two sons Dean and Sam. The mother, Mary, gets up and finds someone standing over Sam’s crib,thinking him as her husband she comes out. Noticing a flickering light, she knocks it into place and sees the TV running downstairs. Her husband is asleep at the TV and she runs upstairs and screams. Her husband hears her and goes up to find Sam alive and well, but blood is dripping from the ceiling – Mary is dead and sticking to the ceiling, and bursts into flames. John grabs Sam and gives him to Dean and tells him to run outside – he goes to get his wife but fire consumes the house and he barely makes it out.

Stanford University – Present Day

A now college-age Sam is preparing to go to a Halloween party – Sam is set up for law school and has an interview the next Monday. Back at his apartment he spots an intruder and they fight – it turns out the intruder is Dean, his brother, who is here to talk about private family business. Dean reveals their father has disappeared during a “hunting” trip. Dean wants Sam to take off with him to find their father, who goes “hunting” for supernatural creatures – the brothers have as well in the past but Sam’s given it up. Their father John was looking into disappearances of men along a specific stretch of road. John left Dean a voice-mail message warning of danger and containing EVP. Dean’s analysis of the EVP reveals a woman saying, “I can never go home”. Dean appeals to Sam for help and he reluctantly agrees as long as they’re back by Monday.

Jericho, California

A boy, Troy, is driving along when he spots an oddly-distorted woman in white along the side of the road as his radio goes out. He offers her a ride and she asks him to take her home. She comes on to him and asks him to come home with her. Troy agrees and they drive up to an abandoned house – he turns to her and she’s vanished. He approaches the house and something leaps out at him and he drives away, unaware she’s in the back until it’s too late and he drives onto a closed bridge where he dies horribly in a flurry of blood.

Dean and Sam arrive at Jericho when they spot the police checking out the dead boy’s car on the bridge. Dean has a Federal Marshal fake ID and passes himself off as an investigator and takes to the police, who are looking for Troy. There, they find out have been other disappearances and they head out as the FBI arrive. They meet up with Troy’s girlfriend Amy, who reveals there’s a local legend of a girl who was murdered, and her ghost hitchhikes and the person picking her up disappears. They find a 1981 record of a woman, Constance Wells, who committed suicide off the bridge after her two children died in the bathtub. That night they go out to check the bridge and spot Constance on the railing as she jumps – then their car starts up and comes after them on its own. They dive over the side and Dean ends up in the water with Sam holding on to the side.

They check into a hotel and find their dad’s room – he used mystical wards to keep spirits out of the room. They figure out their dad found out about Constance and conclude he would have dug up the corpse. The police catch up to them and Sam escapes while Dean gets arrested. The sheriff knows about their father John and has his journal, but Dean doesn’t say anything. Sam links up with Constance’s husband Joseph. Sam reveals that there are legends of such women who take revenge on their cheating husbands, kill their children, and then kill themselves. Then they come back as ghosts to kill unfaithful men.

When the sheriff is called away for a 911 call (which Sam faked), Dean picks his handcuffs and sneaks out of the police station. Dean is sure that their father is alive and has left town – Sam’s on the phone and drives right through the Woman in White, who then appears in his back seat. When he refuses to take her home, the car doors lock and the car drives itself to the abandoned house. She comes on to Sam and plans to ensure he’s unfaithful so she can kill him. She starts to reach her hand into his chest but Dean arrives and opens fire, driving her off. Sam drives the car into the house, “taking her home”. The two brothers confront the spirit, who slams them into the wall with a dresser. But the lights come up, water starts dripping down the stairs from the two children as their ghosts appear. They embrace her and they all three disappear in a flash of light and a smear of black fluid.

The two brothers head to Colorado following the coordinates their father left behind, but Sam insists he has to go to his interview. Dean drops him off but when Sam gets back to his apartment, he finds his girlfriend dead and suspended from the ceiling, the same as his mother years earlier. The apartment bursts into flames but Dean comes back to rescue him. Realizing he has no choice, Sam unites with his brother to find their father and the creature that is clearly stalking their family.

Warning : May contain Spoilers.

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