The rise of WordPress

According to data released by WordPress, it powers 14.7 percent of the top one million websites in the world. In fact, on an average, 22 percent of every 100 new American websites are now powered by the popular blogging platform.

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg said, “We found a few interesting tidbits from the survey responses already, including that 6,800 self-employed respondents were responsible for over 1,70,000 sites personally, and charged a median hourly rate of $50. In tough economic times, it’s heartening to see Open Source creating so many jobs. If each site took only 3 hours to make, that’s $29.5M of work at the average hourly rate.”

Although, WordPress gained popularity as a blogging platform; due to its simplicity, many organisations and businesses are tweaking it to power full-fledged websites. A survey by W3Techs reveals that WordPress has a market share of 54.5 percent.

To view Matt Mullenweg’s address, click here.


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