Krishna Jayanthi

Kutty Krishna In my Home....

Kutty Krishna In my Home....

Krishna Jayanthi is the birthday of Lord Krishna. It falls on August 21st(South India)- 22nd, 2011(North India) (IST) in the Vedic month of Avani (August-September), when Ashtami (8th phase of waning moon) coincides with the Rohini star.

Ashtami is the half way mark between the Full Moon and the New Moon, and is a time with potential for great transformation. A story goes that once Krishna

Krishna Getting Ready in our Pooja Room...

Krishna Getting Ready in our Pooja Room...

humbly accepted puffed rice brought by his childhood friend Kusela, and in turn gave him great riches. In the same way, this Krishna Jayanthi can empower your commitment for bringing remarkable changes in your life.

The Rohini star lends personal magnetism, beauty, charisma, and good speech and expression to those born under this star. The Moon, which represents the mind and emotions, is exalted in the Rohini star. On Krishna’s Birthday, you can begin to experience these qualities in your own life.

Krishna is considered to be one of the popular incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the Preserver God among the Trinity. The Vedic scriptures depict him as playing multiple roles during different phases of his life – a naughty child, an enchanting flute-player, a divine lover, a vanquisher of demons, a shrewd diplomat, and a great teacher.

As a son, friend, brother, disciple, husband, and thinker, Krishna is excellence personified. Krishna’s Birthday can inspire you to exhibit leadership in all spheres of your life and create a life of achievement.

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