Google+ A Hot topic Now-a-days……

With the amount of hype surrounding Google Plus just a few days after it’s been launched, it is one of the most talked about things over the Internet. Google once launched Buzz and Wave which are failure for them. But Google doesn’t it came with Google plus which has a big talk over. The real fact is that Google haven’t made any friends around. It takes out Apple, Nokia and Microsoft with its Android which is a big success for Google and with its Chrome OS too…..Now Google comes out with its Google+ Project which seems to be a direct rival to Facebook.

Can Google+ steal users from Facebook? Yep. There are good reasons to switch from Facebook to Google+, ranging from ease-of-use to respect for data privacy.Facebook, of course, has a huge head start, but there are good reasons for people to seriously consider dumping Facebook for Google+.

Integration with Google services, Better Friend Management, Easy to share and easy to find the needed stuff, Better mobile application when compared to Facebook, Data Liberation-Get your Data back, Hangout-Strong Group chat/video chat,  Better photo tagging than in Facebook, Data Privacy, Safe content sharing…these are the features which (will) make(s) Google+ better than Facebook.

Now Google+ works on a invite only basis as a trail and we expect its release to all soon….lets wait and see whether Google Plus makes a revolution in the Social Networking Part of the internet…..

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