Google + Project finally unveiled…..

Finally,  Google  unveiled the Google+ project, its counter-weight to try and balance the growing power of Facebook as a social network on the Web. Google+ allows users to share photos, videos, and more with their friends — as it turns out, Circles — a social layer added on Google search few months ago — is now part of Google+. So let’s see what’s all the fuss about.

Rumours of Google working on its own social network first emerged as early as June 2010, when the tech media poured over the Facebook killer that Google was apparently building — Google Me. It no longer goes by that name, Google’s social networking layer over its primary search offering as of launch day is now known as Google+.

So what is Google+? A Top-Secret social Network project by Google. And part of the answer leads us to believe it’s much better than Google Buzz, the company’s past major attempt at anything social. Google+ is an extension of Google search itself, an added layer of social network to enrich your overall Google experience online. The Google+ project is an assimilation of the following broad categories: +Circles, +Spark, +Hangout, +Mobile (further broken down into +Location, +Huddle, and +Instant uploads).

To get started with Google+, Google is keeping it an “invitation only” project for now so, unless you have an invite, you’ll have to wait to start using Google+.

Check out the video below…

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