Facebook Smiley Codes

We all use facebook but still a lot of us are unaware of how to use smileys in chat.Some of us just think how the other person have sent a smiley.Well it is very simple to send smileys in facebook chat.You have to just enter a code and it will automatically convert into a smiley.I am providing here aΒ  list of smiley codes that can be used on facebook. I Got these pictures by using the search term ” facebook smiley ” in google image search. If u need more then try giving a search, but some codes actually didnt work and I didnt post those codes and the codes listed here are working codes. My thanks goes to VARUN KUMAR, one of my friends because I checked for the working of these codes with him in FB chat.

17 thoughts on “Facebook Smiley Codes

  1. Guy Murray says:

    I’m using one since a great while and I can call mine since I never seen iy anywhere!! Here it is ;^) Long Nose Winking Smiley!!

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