The Royal Wedding

The biggest wedding of the decade ‘The Royal Wedding-Prince William & Catherine Middleton’ with over two crore people watched from all over the world got over on Friday 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey. Here are a few things you might not have known about the Royal Wedding:

The Prime Minister is encouraging the nation to “get on and have fun” this Friday. David Cameron has advised the council to allow the public to throw street parties across the country. Around 4000 applications for street-party licenses were received and an estimated 2 million people will be celebrating on the streets. Cameron believes this will be a “chance [to] celebrate the great things about our country”.

¬†After the royal couple’s first press conference, it seems that Kate wants to take on her new position being known as Princess Catherine rather than name she’s usually known by. If she and William make it to the throne, Kate will be the sixth Queen Catherine of England.

 So as to not follow in the footsteps of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, William and Kate are allegedly going to be the first royal couple to enter into a pre-nuptial agreement.

 Some 40 foreign royals have been invited, including the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, the Sultan of Brunei, the Emperor of Japan, and kings of Malaysia, Tonga, and Thailand.

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 President Obama has not been included in the 1900 guests invited to the wedding due to the high costs of additional security that would be required on his behalf. Obama will, however, visit the UK in May to pay his respects to the newlyweds along with a royal dinner and ball.

 Male guests who have participated in the military will be required to wear their armed forces dress uniform, while women have been advised to wear elegant afternoon dresses with or without a smart coat or hat.

¬†William and Kate’s wedding reception is set to outshine that of Will’s parents Charles and Diana. After the ceremony has taken place, 600 chosen guests will enjoy a lunchtime buffet, unlike his parents who celebrated with a 120-guest breakfast hosted by the Queen.

¬†Prince William will not wear a ring after the marriage, but it’s been reported that Kate will wear a gold ring passed down to William from the Queen. According to tradition, the Welsh gold for royal rings comes from the Clogau St David’s mine at Bontddu in North Wales.

 The royal couple have requested that their guests donate to a choice of 26 charities instead of bearing wedding gifts to them. Click here to view all 26 charities chosen by the pair.

 The Metropolitan Police have been carrying out extensive security checks in the surrounding area of Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. Police have been checking every possible threat from the inside of traffic lights to the drains. The operation is costing an estimated £20 million to protect William and Kate and world leaders.

¬†Queen Elizabeth II is said to have sent out ‘save-the-date’ invitations via fax machine.
Prince William has invited several individuals who have recently been saved from homelessness by his late mother’s charity, Centrepoint. He apparently wanted to include those who have touched his life in some way.

¬†Burglary is expected to rise significantly on Friday due to the mass public partaking in street parties while forgetting to lock their windows and doors. Thieves are likely to use the occasion as a prime opportunity to target people’s houses as they know many will be out celebrating.

¬†Some surprising members of the guest list include Kanye West, David and Victoria Beckham, the landlord of Kate’s local pub, TV presenter Ben Fogle and Kate and Will’s exes, Jessica Craig, Olivia Hunt and Rupert Finch.

 If Prince William had wanted to marry before his 25th birthday he would have required the consent of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

¬†More than a quarter of the world’s population are expected to be watching the event.

 The organizers of the Rugby World Cup have invited the couple to spend their honeymoon at the tournament in New Zealand.

 The economy is set to experience a hefty boom due to consumer spending on celebration products such as bunting, decorations, alcohol and party equipment. This is estimated to generate an extra £480million to retailers across the UK.

¬†The see-through Charlotte Todd dress that Kate wore in a charity fashion show at St. Andrews University back in 2002 was recently auctioned off for ¬£78,000. It is supposed that Kate’s turn of the catwalk was what first caught the attention of the young Prince.

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