Present Day :

So due to some work couldnt update the things happened on 16-04-2011……Its not too late you know….Let me share the things happened on past Saturday….

DATE : 16-04-2011

TIME : 7.15 AM

PLACE : Cuddalore Bus Stand

Got up early in the morning , gave a glance at THE HINDU , and started to Chennai. This time to chennai for writing the ISRO written exam which has its center at SRM University. This time I must board a BYE PASS RAIDER ( I Really miss my favourite ECR Route) because SRM is situated before if I board a BPR to chennai then it will be easy for me to reach the University. I just reached the bus stand by 7.15 Am and found a BPR getting ready to roll…I boarded the bus and the bus started by 7.30 AM. I asked a ticket for SRM University and the conductor told me that the bus wont stop at SRM University instead I must get down at Maraimalai Nagar stop and Board a MTC bus to the SRM university. So I got the ticket as he said and reached the Maraimalai Nagar stop around 11.00 AM. Two of my friends from my college told me that they will be coming for the exam and so as soon as I reached the SRM University by boarding a MTC bus , I called them through phone and heard that they are on their way to University in train. The station was just opposite to the University and so I went to the station and after a small wait for about ten minutes I met my friends who came all their way along from Madurai.

And after a small chat in the station we three started to the university and we were asked to board a bus which was standing infront of the main gate. The bus took us inside the University and the first place we visited was nothing but the Food Court…after finishing our job their we went in search of a place to sit and spend our time till the exam starts. It was around 12.00 PM and the exam starts only at 2.30 PM. We found a good place infront of the TECH PARK where we have to write our exam. We three sat there and started chatting and took some photos — really the evnironment in SRM was good….

So its the time for our exam and we all went to our respective exam halls and successfully ( ??? ) completed our written test and we all gathered infront of Tech Park and started our photo session. Here are the photos…..

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Then after a long walk we reached the Main road and boarded bus to Tambaram where we planned to have our supper, it was too early for a supper but we have no other choice. We went to Vasantha Bhavan and ate well. I didnt know that there was a big surprise awaiting for me outside the hotel. After eating we came outside and found a brand new JAGUAR XF car from JLR motors, British Luxury car maker which is now owned by Ratan Tata. XF is one of favourites and I was stunned at its look really classy and stunning design. This is the first time am seeing a JAGUAR. After that we boarded bus to CMBT and after a hours time travelling in as usual chennai traffic we reached CMBT by around 7.40 PM.

My friends have to board bus to Madurai but we were unlucky because all the buses were full and at last they two got seat in a Tirunelveli bus. After confirming their seat I came and boarded bus to Cuddalore. The bus started by 8.30 PM and I reached home around Mid Night. So the enjoyed the day with my friends and the travel too. The next day ( ie on 17-04-2011) night again its time for me to board bus to my University. Its travel time…..

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