ECR Ride to Chennai

DATE : 15-04-2011

So after some time I got a chance to go to Chennai. It was morning 6.00 AM when I reached Cuddalore bus stand. We have frequent bus service to Chennai say for every 20 minutes we have a bus to Chennai. But mostly all the buses will be of BYE PASS RAIDER (BPR) (ie) they go to Chennai via Thindivanam , Tambaram. But I need to catch ECR – EAST COAST RAIDER which goes to Chennai via Mahabalipuram ,Thiruvanmiyur. Two buses came but they were BPR. So I planned to go to Puducherry where there will be a lot of buses going to Chennai via ECR. I boarded a Pondy bus by 6.30 AM and reached Pondy bus stand by 7.00 AM. Lots and lots of people were waiting to board a bus to Chennai there….I missed the first two buses because of heavy rush…..and I dont want to miss anymore buses because its getting late…so I rushed into the Next bus as it entered the bus stand still then I didnt get seat……it got fully filled even before entering the bus stand…I was standing inside the bus and suddenly I heard someone calling me..It was my old friend who studied with me upto tenth….I was surprised to see him there, I went near him and was talking with him…suddenly the person who was sitting near him asked me to sit and went away….went away in the sense he left the bus….so now I got a seat next to my friend and we both were chatting about the past and the present…and the bus started by 7.30 AM…

There is nothing important in my travel to Chennai ….I was on my way to Capital of Tamilnadu for the sake of servicing my Laptop. Dell service center is located in Harrington Road , Chetpet. Its easier to reach this place by travelling in ECR.

Next to say about ECR , East Coast Road (ECR) is a two lane express highway in Tamil Nadu, India, built along the coast of the Bay of Bengal connecting Chennai to Cuddalore via Puducherry. Presently, the East Coast Road has been extended up to Thoothukudi via Chidambaram, Karaikal, Nagore, Nagapattinam, Thiruthuraipoondi, Muthupet, Adirampattinam, Meemisal, Thondi, Ramnad. The total length of the road is 690 km from Chennai to Thoothukudi, but as of now work has almost completed till Ramnad, remaining 200 km work on pending. The code for the road is SH 49.

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Then my friend got down in Kovellam stop and I reached my stop Madhya Kailash which is situated near Tidal Park by 11.15 AM. From there I want to catch 47A to reach the Chetpet stop. The bus didnt made me wait for a long time…I boarded 47A by 11.20 AM and reached chetpet aroung 11.45 AM. Then for finding the way to Dell Service Center I switched on the MAPS application in my mobile and typed the address and gave Walk to. It showed me directions to the center which was very close to the stop. Within five minutes I reached the center and I was made to wait and I had a token with number 11. The person who went inside was of number 9, so it didnt take more time for me to go inside….They serviced my laptop and after some formalities of filling some forms I came out and reached CMBT by around 1.15 PM. When I reached the platform where Puducherry buses will be usually standing I found a VOLVO Air-Conditioned bus ready to roll. I boarded that bus and found a comfortable seat near the left window , I chose the left side because while moving the sea shore comes in the left side…and it would be a pleasure watching the sea shore from the AC bus through the glass…..

The bus started by 1.40 PM and reached Pondy by 4.10 PM…just Two and a Half hours( lightning fast )….as I mentioned earlier I enjoyed the scenaries along the coast throught my journey and it was a wonderful day for me…..enjoyed a lot by travelling to and fro in ECR….Finally I reached home by 4.40 PM.

This is not the first time am travelling in ECR….I have travelled more than 100 times in this route …but every time you travel you will enjoy the route…tats the speciality of East Coast Road…..

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