The Final Chapter…..!

So we are in the final chapter of our college life. The beautiful days are going to end….we are going to step into another chapter of our life. Many enjoyments , pranks played , enquiries , bunking classes for no  reason , hostel enjoyments , outing with friends , small small fights with the loved ones , Industrial Visits all these are going to get over in a couple of days. This is not the end this is just a bend……we are not going to get separated forever…the distance between us is not the matter, we are always connected in some means by mobile or online etc….we will be separated only by distance not by heart….we all are Friends Forever…….In the Book of life till we entered the college campus the chapter called college life was empty with white pages but now its filled with many things ….the chapter is fully written and completed in different manner in different hearts with a common thing in everyone’s heart called FRIENDSHIP…..


Autographs of Future IT Legends


IT-E n Staffs

IT Giants

Beautiful memories which will last life long…….Dedicated to all my friends…….

9 thoughts on “The Final Chapter…..!

  1. Sathish says:

    Going to miss the sweet college life hostel life n all……………
    But what to do v have to move on as v did after the end f our skol days……….
    😦 😦

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