Wasted Day..!


Yet another ordinary day started as usual getting up early in the morning (?) at 8.45 …..getting ready in a hurry-burry to give attendence ( we have no classes as we are doing our project(!)). Today in our department they were celebrating YASHA’11 – Tech Day , really I dont have any information about that function because its very rare to spot the project guys in the department. We will be going to our department only for giving attendence and we have no other job there. All our job lies in the Lab (Middle Level Lab) which is situated away from our department.

As a usual job me and my friends went to give attendence to our project co-ordinator , but all in vain. We wasted our energy by stepping up Three floors…..our Project Co-ordinator was not there…he went for the Tech Day function. Then we returned to the lab to continue our project(?) . An hour passed with chit chatting, Checking mails and so on. Then Our juniors came to the lab saying that they want the systems for conducting online-gaming, which is a part of  YASHA’11. So we have got no other way we left the lab.

This power cut is the main villain for us.  Every afternoon we have power cut from 2.00 – 4.00. We cant work in our lab at that time. Usually I will stay in Hostel room hearing songs or watching movies or writing codes for my project in my laptop. This has  become a regular job now-a-days and today too I stayed in room but felt asleep. I was just lying on my bed and I dont know how I slept ……It was nearly 4’o clock when I woke up…again I hurried to the lab to see whether my friends are there but couldnt find anyone except one……and he said that all went home because sir didnt come from function so we too walked to the Hostel without giving attendence……


Full day was wasted without doing any single work…….hope the forth coming days are not like this….!

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