It was 23.07.2010 Friday,nearly a week after our college reopening. I havent brought my laptop and so i decided to go home for the weekend to bring my laptop. I have to catch the bus in Rajapalayam at 6.30pm(This is the only straight bus available to my home town CUDDALORE). Only if i start from my college by 5pm(because of rush) i can catch the bus at the correct time. So i was eagerly waiting for my last period to get over. But at that time a circular came saying that all students must register the subjects for the semester and Friday was the last date for that. The time the circular came was at the end of that period. I grew sad because it will take time to complete the registration.

After finishing all the things i started from my college by 5.30pm a reached Rajapalayam by 6.45pm(having some hope that i can catch bus) and i came to know that the bus hasnt arrived. Finally the bus came at 7.15pm and i boarded the bus. Journey went smoothly till Madurai, and usually after crossing Madurai the bus catches speed,but this time even after catching the 4-way by-pass the bus didnt. Myself and my friend enquired the driver and we got a shocking news from him. He stated that there are some problems in bus BRAKING system and if go on top speeds there are possibilities of brake failure. Since the bus was an SETC bus it has two drivers and both of them managed to drive the bus at low speeds causing no problem. I reached home three hours late because of the  problem.

The Government doesnt take good care of the buses. The bus which i travelled starts from Schencottai and ends its journey in Pudhucherry. This is really a long distance and there are two buses running in this path(one up and one down). This buses travels more than 450 kms per trip and needs lot of maintainence. The problem occured on that day was not that much critical but if it turned critical…..?

Gained a new experience by travelling in a bus having some problems in brake…….!

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